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This Crazy Life – {Stettler Family Photographer}

Life is Good.  and I love this family.

Chris and Natalie make the cutest kids. and they aren’t so bad themselves.

I took these pictures on Halloween.  It was a gorgeous day, and the kids were being little angels.  For the most part.  We banged this session out in a few quick minutes … you sometimes just don’t need alot of time … especially when this family is so darn photogenic!!

Natalie is such a great mom … and a hilarious friend to have … if anyone can make oyu laugh – its Natalie.  Chris tells me I don’t get his sense of humor … but I say he’s just not as funny as Nat!!

Regardless of their funny factors … Chris and Natalie are a wonderful family … and we love hangin’ with them!

Awww – Stefan and Kali …you could not get any cuter!!  Stefan didn’t want to crouch down – he thought he might  get dirty – but somehow – I managed to get him to both crouch down AND give me this cute smile …. It must have been the promises of laying with the weiners and getting his sock-ghost back …. hey – whatever works:) 

Kali – she also wanted nothing to do with me – and was UBER frustrated her buggy wouldn’t push on the grass … thank Goodness for long lens – I could get out of her way … and still get the good smiles ….And this moment …. right here … is when you know … the photo session is over … Thank You Favreau family (plus a Tougas;)  for the wonderful fall afternoon …. and for hanging with the Benson’s … you know … when he’s noto ccupying your ensuite bathroom ….

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