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Ashley & Ryder: Bow Falls


Long Time … No Pictures … Right?!

I have been gloriously taking a break from my computer … My computer was controlling my life. He’d call me at all hours of the night – taunting me with prospect of project completion – only to crash an hour later… claiming he was too tired to continue. We didn’t enjoy each others company. I made excuses not to see him – and he started acting weird. I knew it was time for a break.

So before Christmas .. we decided to call “friends off”. He stopped calling me, I stopped turning him on. We went about our days pretending each other didn’t exist. And it has been awesome!

I knew this couldn’t last forever. We were a team. and eventually, after I couldn’t resist his charm anymore … we rekindled our relationship.

To celebrate our re-merger … I went into last year’s archives … and want to post some photos y’all missed out on while my computer and I were having … eh hem … issues … and SINCE I am spending this weekend in the embrace of the Rocky Mountains … I thought I’d start with this wonderful engagement shoot at Bow Falls for two of the coolest, most pretty people I know! Despite the fact that I almost got us stranded by forgetting to fill up with gas, or that we had to dodge a million tourists to take these photos … the result was so worth it.

Of course – they are now married … and you can get excited for their wonderful fall wedding photos coming up on the blog soon … but until then …

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