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Lindsey: Graduation

Meet Lindsey.  I usually have a word or two to say about everyone.  Lindsey leaves me speechless.  She is stunning. and the class valedictorian. and she plays sports. and she cares alot for people around her.  These kinds of girls are rare – and amazing.  Her smile is infectious and her personailty.  She rocked the cold and rainy day we had in May … and she made it look amazing.

Enough Said.

Lindsey, and family – I love taking your family’s pciture.  It reminds so much of my own family, always a laugh, always a crisis and always love.  Thank you Crowle’s for being awesome clients – I can’t wait until all of oyu are in front of my camera again.  Thank you for your unwaivering trust in me.  You have a beautiful family.

Much Love and Appreciation,


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