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Mandy+Corey: A Gridiron Love Story

Whew!  Hi Freshies!!!  Before you say it – I want you to know …. I KNOW!  I have been MIA.  seriously. (I think even my own family thought I died).   But let me reassure you, I am alive – although barely.  I have been working on an incredibly cool project that will be launched in July …. and I have been dealing with life handing me a huge bag of lemons and I haven’t quite figured out how to turn into lemonade  … yet … BUT – I am here. slowly recovering. and excited to post a serious BACKLOG of photographs for you viewing pleasure!  First up – Mandy and Corey – my first wedding of 2012!!!

Mandy and I have been neighbours for years … (since 1988 – that’s when I moved to Endiang …) we rode the bus  together, rode our bikes together, served tea at the Endiang Hall together and did super fun 4-H things together (like going to Newfoundland!) … and now I could not be happier to say – that I shared Mandy’s wedding day with her. Mandy has an infectious smile.  She can light up a room with her smile. She has this positive energy around her that makes her so esasy to love.  She is loyal, organized, insanely smart and beautiful.  She’s perfect for Corey.

They are the perfect match. She’s lady, he’s her tramp (was that too far??)Corey is a pretty amazing guy.  He’s a luger. well he used to anyway.  That was before he played football for the Red Deer Buchaneers. and before he coached peewee football. before he grew out that crazy moustache – and the shaved it off to raise money for one his young players with cancer.  He’s generous. He’s kind. He’s funny. He’s perfect for Mandy.

Their wedding was on a beautiful Spring day in May – the kind of day love stories were written about. Surrounded by family and friends ,Corey and Mandy sealed their perfect love with rings, a kiss and a little makeout session on the football field.  Mandy and Corey – thank you so much for letting me hang out with you and capture your day.  It was truly an honour to be a part of your amazing day.  I wish you nothing but love, happiness and touchdowns for life!

Much Love,



Mandy was calm, cool and totally enjoying her wedding day morning with her closest friends and family!

Mandy also had every lsat detail amazingly planned out – right down to her smokin’ red shoes …

And her breathtaking dress …

And a little moment with her mommy – as they take in the entire day – she was truly surrounded by nothing but love!

Corey says goodbye to his little buddy – the fish. He really is quite caring – he waved goodbye – and told him we was coming home later with Mrs. Pusey … awwww.


After a little picture taking – we headed to the football field – where Mandy proved she was more than worthy to join the Pusey family … catching the snap – First Try!!!

Remember – I said Mandy had every detail worked out – well the dessert buffet was the culmination of all of her hard work and effort … that thing was beautiful! It had the most delicious desserts – all prepared lovingly by her family and friends … and it was completely heavenly. I can now die.

And – the party was amazing!!

June 16, 2012 - 12:54 pm

Willie Hunt Paetkau - Shauna you have a magic camera! These pictures are wonderful, you captured the whole essence of these two wonderful people, and your comments at the top – well you nailed it! You do good work!!

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