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Rider Family

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a funk.  The kind that is worsened by cloudy weather and an absent husband.  It was so bad mvoie theatre popcorn couldn’t even make it better.  I had a frown.  it was on my face so long – my eyebrows actually hurt.  I couldn’t quite recall what…

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Casen+Spring: CUTE!

I have to admit.  The day I was scheduled to visit Casen, I wasn’t my best.  I was sick.  and tired. and sick and tired of being sick.  But a reschedule just wouldn’t work.  So I put myself into a cold-medication haze – and headed to Castor. When I got there …. I saw THIS…

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My Boyfriend

People who know my husband get this weird look on their face when I tell them I have a boyfriend. They think its even more awkward when I tell them that Darren knows about him … and loves him just as much as I do. My boyfriend is just a bit younger than me –…

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Bean – {Calgary Maternity Photographer}

Baby Bean. It seems so surreal. Like a dream.  Life is meant to be lived for these moments.  The kind of moments that are so incredible, they don’t seem real. Its cheesy. Its a bit over the top. but its how I feel.  Every time I think about Baby Bean. I am so unbelievably excited…

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