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Ashley & Ryder: Bow Falls

Freshies! Long Time … No Pictures … Right?! I have been gloriously taking a break from my computer … My computer was controlling my life. He’d call me at all hours of the night – taunting me with prospect of project completion – only to crash an hour later… claiming he was too tired to…

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Kenny+Kayla: A Westwoods Wedding

It could not have been more perfect.  All of their family and friends surrounded them as Kayla and her dad paused for a brief moment.  There they were, standing at the end of the aisle – looking through the two trees that they had walked through many times before, on their way to campfires, family…

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October 28, 2012 - 4:14 pm

Adrianne - Shawna you did an amazing job! Kenny and Kayla, you both look gorgeous! So sad we couldn’t make it!! Congrats again!

October 30, 2012 - 7:36 pm

Dianne Baird - Beautiful!!! Thanks Shawna!

Lindsey: Graduation

Meet Lindsey.  I usually have a word or two to say about everyone.  Lindsey leaves me speechless.  She is stunning. and the class valedictorian. and she plays sports. and she cares alot for people around her.  These kinds of girls are rare – and amazing.  Her smile is infectious and her personailty.  She rocked the…

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Lee & Logan: A Rumsey Prairie Wedding

It was an overcast, but warm June day.  Two of the most amazing people were just waking up, in different houses, quietly anticipating the day to come.  Today, they would be married.  A Simple ceremony, on a hill, in their backyard, overlooking a beautiful panorama of their future, surrounded by the people they held nearest…

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Mandy+Corey: A Gridiron Love Story

Whew!  Hi Freshies!!!  Before you say it – I want you to know …. I KNOW!  I have been MIA.  seriously. (I think even my own family thought I died).   But let me reassure you, I am alive – although barely.  I have been working on an incredibly cool project that will be launched in July…

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June 16, 2012 - 12:54 pm

Willie Hunt Paetkau - Shauna you have a magic camera! These pictures are wonderful, you captured the whole essence of these two wonderful people, and your comments at the top – well you nailed it! You do good work!!